'ugutadjSomeone is angry with someone else or because of a particular situation.Pag'abut sa 'inda bayay 'ugut sa 'iya manga 'unga' kag sa 'iya 'asāwa.Upon arriving at their house he was angry towards his children and towards his wife.cf'aburīdu'aburīduhāngithāngit'īnit 'ang 'ūyu'īnit 'ang 'ūyukahāngitna'aburīdunagpa'īnit sa 'ūyuvSomeone becomes annoyed or angry with someone else or because of a particular situation.dāyab sa ka'ugut (dāyab 2)Someone flames with angerginapa'ugūtan'Ang ginapa'ugūtan ni Linlin hay 'ang 'iya kanāman kay nadūya'.What provokes Linlin to annoyance is that with which he plays because it was lost.gingpa'ugūtanGingpa'ugūtan ni Rubin 'ang 'iya 'asāwa kay waya' siya kwarta.His wife provoked Rubin to anger because she has no money.kayadkad sa ka'ugut (kayadkad 2)Someone boils with angermapa'ūgutvSomeone, a circumstance provokes someone else to anger or annoyance.Kung waya' siya suya' nga 'itāhaw sa 'iya, mapa'ūgut.If she has no side dish to serve him, [he] will be provoked to anger.na'ugutNa'ugut 'ang 'ākun tatay kay waya' siya ning kwarta.My father became annoyed because he had no money.pa'ūgutvSomeone is provoked to annoyance or anger by someone or by a circumstance.pa'ugūtanKung 'indi' pa'utāngun, pa'ugūtan 'ang tag'īya nang tindāhan.If [the drunk man] is not allowed to incur a debt [in buying liquor], the owner of the store will provoke [him] to anger.cf'aburīduhāngit'īnit 'ang 'ūyu

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