bāsavSomeone reads a piece of reading material.balasahun2nreading material'Igwa ning manga libru kag balasahun nga nagata'u ning laygay kung pa'unu 'ang pagpagwāpa kag kung pa'unu magpīli' ning bāru'.There are some books and reading material that give advice on how to make [oneself] beautiful and how to choose clothes.bāsa, pagbāsa1gersomeone's reading printed or written materialPagkatāpus ku ning bāsa matūyug na 'aku.Upon my completion of reading I will then sleep.2vSomething is read by someone.ginapabāsaKung minsan ginapabāsa 'aku sa pisāra nang 'ākun ma'istra kag nababāsa ku 'ang tanan na ginatudlu' nang 'ākun ma'istra.Sometimes I was allowed to read at the blackboard by my teacher and all that my teacher pointed out [for me to read] was surely able to be read by me.gingbāsaGingbāsa nang manga masinahun kay Marya 'ang sūlat nang prinsipi, pīru hay pinusung.The letter of the prince was read to Mary by the envious ones (i.e., servants) but [what they read] was a lie.magbāsainfto readBāwal nga 'aku hay magbāsa kay may sira' 'ang 'ākun mata.I am prohibited [by the doctor] to read because my eyes have a defect.nagabāsaNang 'aku hay nagtūna' ning pag'iskwīla sa grid wan, 'aku hay pirmi nagabāsa ning libru.When I started going to school in grade one, I was always reading a book.pabāsacaus vSomeone is allowed to read by someone else.pagbasāhaGinbātun da ni Birta, pīru pag'abut na sa 'inda bayay waya' niya pagbasāha.Bertha took [the letter] then, but when she arrived at their house [it] was not read by her.

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