kādaindef adj deteach or every action, person, thing, situation, time periodKāda is commonly followed immediately by a substantive.Na'i'īli 'aku sa 'ākun manga ka'ibāhan nga kāda Duminggu hay nagapamakay sinda.I was truly jealous of my companions in that every Sunday they went buying.Patuyū'un 'ang dugu' sa kāda pūnu' nang halīgi.The blood should be allowed to drip to the base of each foundation post.Commonly followed by a particular time period: kāda Duminggu 'every Sunday'; kāda būlan 'every month'; kāda tatlu ka būlan 'every three months'; kāda 'āga 'every morning'. Followed by a mag- verb kāda is translated 'each time.'cfbāwat indef adj detFollowed by a gerund:Kāda butang nang lūgit, hay ginadasuk nang bayu.As for each placing of copra, [it] is tamped with a pestle.subord conjWhenever a particular action occurs or a state exists, another action occurs or state exists.Rarely kāda is followed by the number ligature ka and then a substantive.'Ang nagasaksak nang lūgit, 'ang kāda ka bu'ak nang lūgit nga niyug hay 'upat ka lasaklasak.In the cutting of copra into pieces, each piece of copra is cut into four parts.Gāni' kāda 'isa ka klāsi nga būyak, 'ina' hay pāra sa 'isa da nga sabur nang dugus.Each kind of flower, that has a distinct taste of honey.Kada siya pumīyung nang 'iya mata, nakikīta' niya sa 'iya kalimutaw ang prinsipi nga 'iya pinataw'an ning pagkā'un.Whenever she closed her eyes the prince was seen by her in her imagination in that he was allowed to be given food.'Ini hay 'isa lang gid nga klāsi nang būyak 'ang ginapīli' nang putyūkan kāda maghuman nang dugus.This is only one kind of flower that is chosen by honeybees whenever [they] make honey.cfbāwat kāda 'isa ('isa 1c)each one

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