bīsan di'in1indef loc adjwhatever place, regardless of the placeBīsan di'in nga baryu 'aku magkadtu, palangga' gid 'aku nang manga tāwu.[In] whatever village I will go, I am loved by the people.indef loc adjbīsan di'in2var'ābir di'in1maskin di'in1loc advanywhere, no matter whereNakakalanguy 'ina' 'ang paka', nakakalumpat, kag nakakadtu bīsan di'in ninda gustu.The frogs were surely able to swim, jump, and were able to go anywhere they liked.May yāra' nga miyugpangutang nga 'ābir di'in kamu magkīta' basta sya hay may kwarta, bahāya' lang 'ina' mapalapit sa 'īmu.There are some debtors who, no matter where you see each other, provided she has money, without hesitation she just comes to you.'Inang 'ākun 'asāwa, nang 'ūna 'ina' nang nagapangasawa pa lang, maskin di'in ka makadtu, manunut 'itun.As for that husband of mine, before when that one was courting [me], no matter where one would go, this one would accompany [me].

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