magka-abl agfprefSomeone or something is able to do or happens to do something.The abilitative affix ka- illustrated here is distinct from ka- which inflects an adjective, see ka-2.Kung kita magkasala' dra' sa 'ātun ginahuman, hay mapahuya' kita.If we happen to make a mistake there in what we do, we will be embarrassed.cfka-1ka-1ka-1ma-1 ma-1 ma-1 mag- mag- mag- maka-1maka-4nag- nag- nag- nag- naga- naga- naga- naga- naka-2 naka-2 naka-2 naka-2 -um- -um- -um- -um- neg imper abl agfprefSomeone or something must or should not do something.This is a complex affix consisting of mag- indicating agent focus and ka- indicating abilitative aspect. Abilitative aspect includes actions that happen to be done or are accidentally, casually or unintentionally done.'Indi' kamu magkalisud kay kung 'indi' man magbūlig 'ang Kanadyan 'Imbasi sa 'ini nga pruyiktu hay bukun kunu 'ini 'ang katapūsan nang 'indu 'Asusasyun.You should not become concerned because, if the Canadian Embassy will not help on this project, this is not the end of your Association.cfka-1mag- maka-4nag- naka-2 -um

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