kalāwatvSomeone receives holy communion from a minister or priest.gingpakalāwatGingpakalāwat ni Padri Damasu 'ang tāwu nga may sakit.The sick person was served holy communion by Father Damasu.nagakalāwat'Ina' 'ang ginatawag nātun nga manga matūtum nga manga Katuliku, hay kāda gid 'ina' Duminggu hay nagakalāwat.As for those who we call true Catholics, every Sunday [they] receive holy communion.nagapakalāwatvSomeone is served holy communion by a minister, a priest, a designated person.Nagapakalāwat na 'ang pāri nang nag'abut si Marit sa simbāhan.The priest was already serving holy communion when Marit arrived at the church.In serving holy communion a Catholic priest serves the eucharistic bread 'ustyas. Both communion bread tināpay 1a and communion wine or juice bīnu 1a is served in protestant churches by either a minister or some other designated person.pakalāwatcaus vA minister, a priest, someone serves holy communion.

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