humbakna lake or ocean waveNagapinangamūyu' da 'aku nga kabay pa kunta' nga maghunas na kay kadaku'dāku' 'ang tā'ub; hālus 'ang humbak hay nagasuyud na sa 'āmun bayay.I kept on praying that it might possibly become low tide now because the high tide was very intense; as for the waves, [they] were about to go inside our house.nhumbakhumbakna wavy surface, as of a seashell'Ang 'iya 'ini ning 'alīhid hay daw 'ang 'igwa ning humbakhumbak nga kasapya 'ini nga sīhi'.As for its edges [i.e., of this shell], it seems that it has coarse wavy surfaces.nagapahumbak'Ini nga sīhi' hay nagapahumbak lang sa 'alīhid nang baybay.As for these [common basket] mollusks, [they] are just carried by waves onto the edge of the beach.pahumbakvSomeone or something is carried by waves.

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