sikinthe foot and/or leg of an animal, bird, person; the leg of a bench, chair, table'Ang 'īmu siki nagatīmak gid ma'āyu sa tilhang nang niyug nga pāra 'indi' ka mahūyug.Your feet should step very carefully on the tree footholds of the coconut palm in order that you will not fall down.Mahāba' 'ang 'iya siki; kahagba' 'ang manga kuku, pati' 'ang 'iya tuka' hay mahāba' kag matalīwis 'ang 'iya punta.The legs [of the barred rail bird] are long; the claws are long, also its beak is long and its end is pointed.cfbatī'ispā'atukunthe stem of a mushroom 'ūhung

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