hastasubord conjAn event happens or a state exists until another event happens or another state exists.Hasta is commonly followed by nga and an infinitive.Ginpabati'bati' si Nansi ning manga malā'in nga manga hambayānun hasta nga mag'īnit 'ang 'iya 'ūyu.Someone let Nancy overhear those bad words until her head became hot (i.e., she became angry).'Ipadāyun nāmun 'ang trabāhu hasta nga matāpus.We will let the work be continued until [it] is finished.Waya' matuyūgi si Pirla hasta mag'āga.Perla was not able to sleep until it became morning. (There is no implication that she slept when morning came.)syntubtub cfhābanghābangkung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung san'ukung san'umintras mintras mintras pati' sa1 sa1 samantāla'samantāla'samantāla'tubtub tubtub tubtub 'ūras 'ūras With a negative, a period of time is identified within which an event does not occur or a state exist. There is no implication that the event occurred or the state existed at the end of that time period.vAn event happens linearly in space until a particular place is reached.Nang 'adtung būlan baya 'adtu nang Pibrīru, 'ini 'ang manga madri hay nagpangbayaybayay diri sa 'ilāya nang Lūnus hasta dira' sa 'ilāwud.About that month of February, those nuns went house to house here in the interior of Lunos until [arriving] there at the beach.syntubtub cfkung kasan'ukung san'umintras prepPeople or things, including others of the same kind, are involved in an event.'Ini 'ang nītib nga manuk, kung naga'abut 'ang pisti nang manuk, tanan nga 'alāga' mu nga manuk 'ūbus gid 'ina' ning kamātay, hasta 'isiw.These local chickens, when fowl pox comes, all your cared-for chickens will be consumed by dying, including young chicks.cfpāti

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