bugasnhulled rice, either pounded or milledNakakabakay 'ini sina Pitra nang kahinangyan sa 'inda panimalay parīhu 'ābi nang bugas kag pitrulyu.Petra and family were consistently able to buy what is needed for their house, such as hulled rice and kerosene.'Ang 'iba naman nga waya' ning kāya nga 'itingi' ning bugas pāra bubud sa 'inda manuk 'ang 'inda 'ini ginabūbud hay niyug nga ginatuktuk ning pīnu.Some who have no [money] at all to spend for buying hulled rice as feed for their chickens; what they feed is coconut fruit chopped into thin pieces.nbag'u nga bugasnnewly milled ricebinayu nga bugasnpounded ricebinukbuk nga bugas (bukbuk 1a)rice flourbugāsannan uncooked-rice containerThis is usually a plastic container with lid, of any convenient size.galingan nang bugas (galingan 1a)rice grindergināling nga bugas1nrice mealLutū'un mu na 'ang 'īmu gināling nga bugas.Cook your rice meal.Soaked rice with a little water is ground in a rice grinder galingan nang bugas to produce rice meal.kumirsyal nga bugasncommercial ricela'un nga bugasnold milled rice; i.e., rice from a previous year's harvest

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