tagsa1neach, each oneKung tagsa ka lāwug 'ang la'ay nga niyug ginatabtab ning sundang 'ang 'iya tangāya pāra waya' ning dāmu' nga pusi'pūsi' kāda bu'uk.If the very mature coconuts are each a bunch [of several coconuts] its stem (i.e., the stem of each bunch) is cut off with a bolo so that there will not be much twisting of individual pieces.ntagsatagsavartigtagsa1advAction is accomplished on a number of people or things one by one.Ginapī'ut sa kustal tagsatagsa kag babahun pakadtu sa tapāhan.[Coconuts] should be put into a sack one by one and should be carried on the back going to the smoking rack.

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