na-anabl locf affA person, place or thing was able to be the location of an action performed by someone.Abilitative aspect includes actions that happen to be or are accidentally, casually or unintentionally the location of an action performed by someone.'Ina' nga manga 'unga' hay waya' gid ning natun'an nga trabāhu.As for those children, there was no work that was able to be learned [by them].cf- an - an gina-an gina-an gina-an gina-i giN-an -in-an1 -in-an4ka-an1mama-an ma-ima-ina-i pag-i nasayangan1The range of meaning of this locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Nasayangan ni Mīlu sina Danīlu nga yadtu sa Mapula.Danilo and others happened to be seen by Milo there in Mapula.'Adtung 'iya ning 'asāwa hay nabakyan niya si Pitra ning 'ikaduha nga bisti.As for that husband of hers, Petra was able to have a second dress bought for [her by him].cfgiN-an -in-an4ka-an1ma-an

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