dira'var'ina' dira', dira' 'ina'dra'loc advAn action moves there, away from the speaker but sometimes near the hearer in place, prior reference or time; an event occurs or a state exists there in a particular place away from the speaker but sometimes near the hearer.Dira' occurs most commonly in the place margin of a sentence; yāra' or yāra' dira' occurs most commonly as a sentence predicate. Dira' is commonly followed by sa and a person or place.Dira' sa Tyamban, kung 'ikaw nagaplīti ning kātids 'igwa 'ina' dira' ning kumplītu nga gāmit nga 'indu magagāmit sa pagkatūyug.There in Tiamban, if you are renting a cottage, there are complete supplies there that you can use for sleeping.Dira' 'ina' sa tunga' nang kāda ngīpun hay 'igwa ning tigka'ūtud nga gilit.There at the middle of every wood block there is a half piece of razor blade.loc adja condition, person or thing thereA following hu declares the exactness of the location indicated by dira'.Hay kagab'i hay nakakīta' kunu si Dīding ning ga'inggat dira' hu sa may 'akasya.Last night, they say, Diding saw something which was sparkling right there near the acacia tree.loc adjThis locative adjective commonly modifies a noun or pronoun.Basa' gāni' 'ang 'ākun 'ūyu, pīru sinda didtu, sīgi pa 'ang 'inda bayli.My head was wet, but as for them there, their dancing still continued.dira' nga lugar, 'ina' dira' nga lugarloc nthat placePagsuyud nāmun 'ina' niyan sa Pwirtu Galyīra, na'īsip ku, 'Abaw! Ka'ayu'āyu gali' 'ina' dira' nga lugar kay tūrist 'ispat 'ina' nga lugar.Upon our entering Puerto Gallera I thought, "Oh! That place was really very nice because that place was a tourist spot.yāra' dira', yāra' 'ina' dira'Someone or something is there.

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