ma-ineg abl locf affA person, place or thing is not able to be the location of an action performed by someone.Abilitative aspect includes actions that do not happen to be or are not accidentally, casually or unintentionally the location of an action performed by someone.Bāsi' ku siya tugūtan kung waya' ku masayūri 'ang 'iya kakadtu'an?Why should he be permitted by me [to go] if the place to which he is going is not able to be known by me?Waya' 'ini ninda maluyāgi si Sandra kay nakakasīra' lang sa 'inda ning lināhi.Sandra did not happen to be liked by them because it would just destroy their [family] lineage.cfgina-an ka-an1mama-an ma-an na-anna-anna-i na-i pag-i pag-i

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