lāya1vSomeone weaves an item such as a basket or mat.lāya, paglāya1gersomeone's weaving of a basket, matPagkatāpus mu ning sābat sa primīru, madūgang naman 'ikaw ning lāya.Upon your completing the weaving of dyed buri strips at the beginning, then you will add to the weaving.'Ina' hay ginalāya da; 'igwa ning buhusbuhus kag hayanghag 'ang paglāya.Those [colander brook shrimp scoops] are woven; there are many [small] holes and the weaving is loose.2vA basket or mat is woven by someone.layāhunSa 'upat ka likid kung midyu ma'intik da hay 'isa na 'ina' nga banig kung layāhun.In four rolls [of buri strips], if they are somewhat small they are already [enough for] one mat when it will be woven.maglāyainfto weave a basket or mat'Ang 'āmun trabāhu hay maglāya banig.As for our work it was to weave mats.malāya1Malāya na 'ikaw 'ina' ning sigisīgi hasta nga magtag'ud 'ang līlas.You will then weave that continuously until the buri strips become short.nagalāyaHay 'ang 'iya 'ina' trabāhu hay nagalāya, 'aku naman nagapangnunūtan sa pūkut.As for that one's work she weaves [mats]; as for me I fish with a fishnet.

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