'ayinjOh!Hambay ku, "'Ay, salāmat! Mababakay ku gid 'ang 'ākun ginaplānu nga bakyun."I said, "Oh, thank you! I will surely be able to buy that which I am planning to buy."Siling ku sa 'iya, "'Ay taya! Kasan'u mu lang 'aku nakilāya? Mangasāwa ka na sa 'ākun?"I said to him, "My goodness! How long only have I been known by you? [And] you now want to court me?"'Ang panambītun nang prinsīsa, "'Ay Dyus ku! Mahal na Birhin, bulīgi 'aku!"The saying of the princess was, "Oh my God! Beloved Virgin, I must be helped!"cftayaUsed to emphasize that being said or to register fear, disgust, excitement, surprise, etc.; Words added to increase the emphasis or register: 'Ay Dyus ku! Oh my God! 'ay sus Oh my goodness! 'Ay taya Oh my! or My goodness!

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