giN-aneg gf affSomeone or something was not acted upon by someone else.Only one root, bakay, has been found with this affix; the affix pag-a commonly occurs.'Ang 'iya 'ini balayan, hay waya' 'ini ginbakya.As for the shells of these (i.e., of ghost murex mollusks), they were not bought.synpag-a cf-a -a giN- giN- gina- gina- giN-a gina-agina-ana-pag-a pag-a pag-a pag-unpag-un-un -un -un neg gf affThis affix (but not pag-a) occurs with causative verb stems.Ya' ninda ginpasayūra si Manang Sūsan nga 'ang 'iya 'unga' hay patay na.They did not inform Older Female Friend Susan that her child was already dead.synpag-a cf-a giN- gina- giN-a gina-apag-a pag-un-un

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