langvarna langadvSomeone only, just does something; someone, something will just be acted upon or with, be in a particular state.'Ayaw na 'aku nindu pagbakyi ning makina kay kanūgun lang 'ang kwarta!I should not have a sewing machine bought by you because the money will just be wasted!adjjust or only the person, item, number or amount mentionedNang 'umasāwa na kami, hay tatlu pa lang ka 'adlaw hay naghambay siya nga 'indi' siya gustu na magtinir didtu sa 'āmun bayay.When we married each other, after only three days she said that she did not want to stay there in our house.'Ang sabat ku sa 'ākun nanay, "Kamu na lang 'ang mag'asāwa kay malāyas 'aku."I answered my mother, "You [two] just be the ones to get married because I will run away."

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