'abriSomething, as a doorway, window opening opens.antginasirahan cfmagbuskadnagabuskad'abri, pag'abri1gersomeone's opening somethingDali'dāli' da 'ini si Mamay 'abri. 'Ay! 'ang nagapanawag gali' 'ang 'ākun 'asāwa.Mother was very quick opening [the doorway]. Oh! the one who was calling outside was my wife.'Ūras na pag'abri ku nang bintāna'.[It] is time for my opening the window opening.antsara2cfbuskad2vSomeone turns on an object which operates by electricity kurinti or water tūbi', as a computer kumpyūtir, electric fan 'iliktrik pan, water faucet grīpu, radio radyu, television set tilibisyun.Kung kamu magpangisda', waya' na kamu pagprublīma kay puydi kamu maka'abri nang grīpu kung kamu magpamanlaw, 'agud pag'abut nindu hay ma'īlis na lang kamu.When you go fishing you no longer experience a problem because you will be able to turn on the faucet when you rinse off so that upon your reaching home you will just change [your dresses].antsara23vSomeone begins or initiates something, as a business nigusyu, conversation 'irgūhan, story 'isturiya.'inabrihanDiritsu siya sa kwartu ni Plurintīna kag 'inabrihan.He went directly to the room of Florentina and it was opened [by him].mag'abrivSomeone opens something, as described in the following table.Tuyuran 'ang sara pāra mag'abri.The door will be pushed so that [it] will open.cfbuskadna'abrihanvSomeone has something opened for them by someone else.Sinīpa' 'ang pwirtāhan nang 'iya kwartu; na'abrihan; nakīta' niya nga si Pilar hay nagatāngis.The doorway of her room was kicked; it was able to be opened; it was seen by him that Pilar was crying.naga'abriPag'abut sa pwirtāhan nang simbāhan 'igway santu 'anghil nga naga'abri sa pwirtāhan pāra sumuyud 'ang tanan nga santus.Upon arriving at the doorway of the church there was a guardian angel who would open the doorway so that all images would go inside.naka'abri1'Ang pwirtāhan hay naka'abri nang 'aku hay nag'abut ka'īna.As for the doorway, it happened to open when I arrived awhile ago.naka'abri2vSomething, as described in the following table, is opened by someone.With agent focus verbs both nang pwirtāhan and sa pwirtāhan is found in normal speech.'Aku 'ang naka'abri nang pwirtāhan kahāpun.I was the one who was able to open the doorway yesterday.pag'abrīhan'Indi' ku kamu pag'abrīhan.You (pl.) will not have [the doorway] opened for [you] by me.

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