paN-9varpaN-4pinaN-1ext vprefSomeone or something is involved in extensive action; many or all people or things are involved in an action.With agent focus prefix, paN- or pinaN- indicates that the agent is engaged in extensive action.'Ang 'uning nagbāngun kag nagpanlam'us sa 'iya pisngi.As for the cat, it got up and washed its cheeks all over with [its] paws.Bwas 'ābi 'ang pabayli; 'ini nga dā'an nga 'adlaw hay nagapangrikīsa 'ang kumiti sa 'iwag nang manga 'igwa ning manga 'alādin.Hopefully tomorrow is [the time of] the benefit dance; today the light committee is searching all over for those who have pressure lanterns.Pagkatāpus nāmun kā'un nang 'āmun 'ihāpun, nagpinanglangsang 'aku nang 'āmun bayay.After we ate our supper I thoroughly nailed our house.ext vprefWith undergoer focus prefix, paN- or pinaN- indicates that someone or something undergoes extensive action.'Aba! Ginpampislit 'adtu 'ang nasa kustal.Oh! That [charcoal] which was in the sack was extensively squeezed.ext vprefExtensive aspect includes the involvement of many or all people or things in an action.Gingpanghatud na 'inang manga dalāga; 'ang 'iban nga manga dalāga kalayu' 'ang ginghalinan.Those young ladies were all taken [home]; some of the young ladies had come from far away.Nagdyāgan siya nga matūlin pa sa hāngin bīsan kasan'u man waya' na niya gina'ulī'an 'ang 'iya ginapangbu'uy.He still ran faster than the wind even when the many things gotten by him were not returned by him.ext vprefWithout another goal focus affix, -in- of pinaN- is a past tense, goal focus infix, and not part of the prefix pinaN-, see -in-1.Ngāni' 'āmun na pinangsaylu tanan 'ang daya sa pinakamalapit nga pirtāhan.So all the things were all transferred by us to the nearest doorway.cfCV- D -in-3

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