diskusyunnan argument or discussionTūdu na 'ang 'inda diskusyun pagka'āga.Their argument in the morning was already intense.cfnagarasunvTwo or more people argue about or discuss something.ginadiskusyunan'Ang 'iya lang ma'ipangāku' sa 'ātun hay ginadiskusyunan 'ini nang 'iya 'unum nga ka'ibāhan, 'isa na siya.What is able to be promised to us by him is that this will be discussed by his six companions, [and] he will be one [of them].cfrasun nagadiskusyunvSomething is argued about or discussed among two or more people.'Ang 'iba naman nga nababayung, pag'abut sa 'inda bayay, 'ang 'inda bayay 'ang 'inda ginapa'ukpan kung sinda nagadiskusyun mag'asawa.Some [men] who get drunk, upon arriving at their house, their house is what they focus on when they, husband and wife, argue.

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