'intirisnSomeone has an interest in doing something, in someone.'Intiris, preceded by may is predicate; the topic is the one who has an interest, and that in which there is an interest is a participle introduced by sa.May 'intiris 'aku sa pag'iskwila.I have an interest in going to school.Si Pidru, hay may intiris kay Marya.As for Pedro, [he] has an interest in Maria.cf'intirisādu nagapaningūha'vSomeone is interested in doing something, in something happening; someone sacrifices or tries hard to do something.'Intiris occurs as the head of one of two phrases in an equational sentence, with the one possessing the interest as a possessive noun or pronoun; the head of the other phrase is a participle signaled by the prefix pag-.'Ang 'intiris ni Tiruy hay 'ang pagpangisda'.The interest of Teroy is going fishing.vThe verb is predicate, the one who has an interest is topic, and the object of interest is either a participle marked by the affix pag- and preceded by an optional ligature sa, or by an infinitive marked by the prefix mag- or by maka- and optionally preceded by nga.gin'intris'Ang gin'intris ni Mawru kay Luyda hay 'ang 'iya pagkababāyi.That which Mauro was interested in taking from Loida was her feminine purity.cf'intirisādu tinguha'2 nag'intirisvA particular event or object is that which someone is interested in taking from someone else.Nag'intiris 'aku pagkari sa Manīla' kay bulīgan ku 'ikaw pagtrabāhu.I sacrificed in coming to Manila because I will help you in working.Si Pablu 'ang nag'intris magbu'uy nang kwarta ni Mirna.Pablo was the one who tried hard to get money from Myrna.

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