'asinnsalt'Igwa kami ning ma'ibakay ning 'asin, puspuru, 'asūkar kag habun.We have [money] which [we] will use for buying salt, matches, sugar and soap.vSomething, usually a food, is salted by someoneHugāsan 'ang 'isda' kag 'ibutang sa limpyu nga butāngan kag 'asinan.The fish is washed and put into a clean receptacle and [it] is salted.vma'asinadjsalty, as dried sardines tuyu', cured anchovy gamus, foods oversalted, sea water, meat of seashell before washing, perspiration gan'ut, tears lūha'sabaw nga ma'asin (sabaw 1c)set expra salty broth

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