ma-anabl locf affA person, place or thing is able to be the location of an action performed by someone.Abilitative aspect includes actions that happen to be or are accidentally, casually or unintentionally the location of an action.Ka'ūnun mu na lang 'ābir pānit pāra masudlan 'ang 'īmu tyan ning pagkā'un.Even [vegetable] peelings would just be eaten by one so that one's stomach would be able to have food put inside.Kung matimakan mu 'ini sigurādu gid nga pilas 'ang 'īmu siki.If these [cocks comb oysters] happen to be stepped on by you, it is sure that your feet will be cut.synka-an1cfgiN-an -in-an4ka-an1ka-an1ma-ina-i nasayangan1pag-i abl locf affThe range of meaning of this locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Makadtu siya sa 'iya manīnuy pāra mabakyan naman siya ning 'isa nga bāka.He will go to his godfather so that he would be able to have another cow bought for [him by his godfather].synka-an2 cfgina-an mama-ina-an

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