'ugdukvSomeone builds or erects something.ma'ugdukNagsaylu kami sa Lūsud kay sa 'Īpil hay pinahalin na kami nang tag'īya, kay ma'ugduk sinda ning kāting masyin sa marbul.We transferred to Lusod because we were sent away from Ipil by the owner because they were going to build a marble factory for marble.mag'ugdukinfKung mag'ugduk ning halīgi sa bag'u nga bayay, dāpat padagā'an 'ānay.When [you] erect the posts for a new house, first [they] should have the blood-letting ceremony performed for [them].nag'ugdukDidtu na kami nag'ugduk ning bayay na 'āmun gid sarīli.That's the time that we built our very own house.nagapangugdūkanSina Tāta Birting hay nagapangugdūkan kay Tāta Pidil.Uncle Berting and family are building by permission at the place of Uncle Fidel.nagpa'ugdukNagpa'ugduk gid kami sarīli nga bayay 'agud hay waya' na prublīma.We had [our] own house built so that there would be no more problems.pa'ugdukcaus vSomeone has something built or erected by someone else.pangugdūkanvSomeone builds something by permission.

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