pidāsua page of a book, a whole piece of clothing, paper, lumbercfbilug1bīlug1 bu'uk bu'uk pānig pānig meas na nonspecific or specific number of pages of a book, whole pieces of clothing, paper, lumberThe number is followed the number ligature ka.Lima ka pidāsu 'ang 'ākung bāru'.My dresses are five whole pieces.cfbīlug1 bu'uk panigmeas ngingpidasupidasu'Adtung natumpag na sayug 'ākun gingpidasupidasu kay 'indi' ku madāya pagplastar kung 'ang bilug nga simintu 'ang 'ākun hakwatun.That [cement] floor that collapsed was divided into many pieces by me because it would not be able to be lifted by me in arranging [it] if what I would move would be whole cement pieces.pinidāsuadjSomething is done by the page of a book, or piece of clothing, paper, lumber.'Ang bāyad sa 'ākun nang 'ākun labāda hay pinidāsu.The payment to me of my washing is by the piece.pur pidāsu1adjLumber is bought, made, paid for, sold by the piece.'Ang 'āmun swildu bukun binūlan; pur pidāsu 'ang bāyad sa 'āmun.Our wage was not by the month; the payment to us was by the piece.cfbinilugbinu'uk2vSomething is divided into pieces by someone.

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