lāpadkalāpadadjLow tide is far out from the shore line.Kung kalāpad 'ang hunas, nagapanihi' kami hasta Bang'ug, kag kadāmu' 'ang sīhi' nga 'āmun nabubu'uy.When the low tide is far out, we gather mollusks until Bang-og, and there are many shells which are frequently able to be gotten by us.lāpad, kalaparannthe width of somethingNapūyu' ka dāngaw 'ang lāpad kag 'ang hāba' hay dūsi dāngaw.The width [of the mat] is ten hand spans and the length is twelve hand spans.'Ang kalaparan nang 'ākun banig, hay 'unum ka dāngaw.As for the width of my mat, [it] is six hand spans.malāpadadjAn area or object is wide.Bukun na da si Pīnu 'intirisādu sa malāpad nga dūta'.Pino is not now interested in the wide property.'Ang paglīkid, hay ginatūna' sa ma'intik nga pānig pakadtu sa malāpad.As for the cylindrical rolling, it is begun with the narrow [buri] leaf sections going to the wide [sections].

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