gina-aneg gf affSomeone or something is not acted upon by someone else.With causative affix pa-.'Ang balayan nang 'ini nga sīhi', hay waya' da 'ini ginabakya nang manga Sibuhānu kay kanipis.As for the empty shells of this mollusk, these are not bought by Cebuano [buyers] because they are thin.Waya' gāni' ginabatūna didtu 'ang waya' katāpus sa hayskul.Those who were not able to finish high school were not accepted [into the sewing school].Waya' ni Lulīta ginapasayūra 'ang 'iya 'asāwa kung sya hay may ginabakay.Her husband is not allowed by Lolita to know when she has [something] to -a -a giN- giN- giN-1agina- gina- giN-a giN-a giN-a -in-1ma-1 pag-a pag-a pag-a pag-unpag-unpag-un-un -un -un

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