'ība2vSomeone or something is accompanied by someone in going someplace.cfmagpangabuhi''ibhiimper vSomeone must or should be accompanied by someone else.Hambay ku kay Mamay, "'Ibhi 'ānay Mamay si Arden kung gab'i."I said to Mother, "Arden should please be accompanied [by you], Mother, at night."ka'ibahanvTwo or more associate with each other in a particular activity.ka'ibāhannan associate or a companion in a given place or going someplaceBāgu ka mag'ūli' sa Rumblun, tudlu'i 'ānay 'ang 'īmu manga ka'ibāhan!Before you go back to Romblon, your [working] associates must first be taught!Dāpat gāni' hay ka'ibāhan 'ang 'asāwa kung gapatan'aw ka sa duktur.It should be that your spouse is a companion if you let yourself be checked up by a doctor.ka'ibahānanvarkaka'ibahānanpl nseveral or many companionsKung yadtu na 'ina' didtu nyan nakatindug na, matūna' na 'ina' sya ning sūgid didtu sa 'iya manga kaka'ibahānan nga nagpamagpanagu'.When that empty can was already able to be stood up, he then began searching for his several companions who were each hiding.magka'ibahaninfassociating with each other, to associate with each other in a particular activitySa 'inda magka'ibahan 'igwa 'ina' ning 'isa nga 'adtu 'ang makūsug magpilak nang lāta; 'imaw 'adtu 'ang mapilak.In their associating with each other there is one who is strong enough to throw that empty can; that one is the one who will throw.magka'ibāhan1na travelling companion2vA man and woman live together unmarried.nag'ībaKumadtu sinda sa San Husi didtu sinda nag'ība.They went to San Jose and they lived there together unmarried.cfbuhi'1 nagka'ibahanNagka'ibahan kami 'ari nyan kay Binung sa panawan; siya gida hay pwirsādu kakūsug sa pagsāka' sa būkid.Benong and I associated with each other in a walking area today; he is very strong in climbing up the mountain.pagka'ibahangerthe associating with each other of two or more in a particular activity'Ang 'altar hay ginapunihan pa 'ina' ning manga 'artipisyal nga manga būyak nga 'ang kulur nga ginagāmit nga krip nga papil hay puti' kag rūsa, simbulu nang paghigugma' kag limpyu nga pagka'ibahan mintras sinda ning buhi' bīlang mag'asāwa.The altar is still decorated with artificial flowers in which the color of the crepe paper which they use is white and pink, a symbol of love and clean associating with each other while they are still living as husband and wife.

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