puna'varpuna'puna'adjBirds, chickens, fish, people, things are in a group.'Ang sikad, kung nagagātaw hay puna'.These sikad mollusks, when they come out they are in a group.'Ang manga tāwu, hay puna' kung sinda nagakadtu sa baylīhan.As for people, they are in groups when they go to dancing places.'Ini 'ang kawa'kāwa' nga sīhi', hay nagasaput sinda sa batu; kag kung 'īmu sinda makīta' sa hunāsan hay puna'puna'.As for these common keyhole limpets, they stick on stones; and when they are seen by you on the seabed they are in groups.vBirds, chickens, fish, people, things go together in groups.nagapuna'puna'vargapuna'puna'Kung gab'i kung 'īmu 'ini sinda 'iwāgun, gapuna'puna' gid 'ini sinda.During night if they (i.e., common bubble mollusks) will be illuminated by you, [you will see that] they go together in groups.

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