gina-gfprefSomeone or something is acted upon or is or was commonly, habitually or normally acted upon by someone else.Indicates a past action subsequent to another action.Kung 'īmu malukat hay 'igwa 'akuy pagasayluhan 'ina' nga kwarta kay may ginabakay 'aku nga dūta'.If you will redeem [your mortgage] there will be that money that I will transfer, because there is a land holding that I am buying.Ginabalikwa' ni Rusalinda 'ang batu kung siya nagapanihi'.Stones are turned over by Rosalinda when she gathers mollusks.Kāda lāpit nang yāki, ginapakang siya; bālik naman sa pīliw 'ang yāki.Whenever the man came near [the girl], he was hit with a stick [by her]; so the man went back again to the giN- giN- giN- giN- giN-a giN-a giN-a gina-a'i- 'i-1'i-1'ika--in-1-in-1 -in-1 ma-1 ma'i-na-na-na-na'i-na'i-na'i-na'i-pag-a pag-a pag-un-un -un -un acfprefSomeone or something is or was commonly, habitually, or normally an accessory to an action by someone else.Causative verbs are inflected by -un class affixes; for a description and examples, see giN- 1a and -un.cfgiN-1agina-a-in-1ma-1 -un acfprefGina- 1b is an 'i- class verb affix.'Ang bunut nga ginabutang sa 'ibābaw hay lab'as pa.The coconut husks which are put on top are still fresh.Kung ginabaligya' hay tigbaynti 'u kinsi 'ang 'isa ka kīlu.When [squid] are sold [the price] is twenty [pesos] or fifteen [pesos] for each one kilogram.'Ang ma'is nga 'āmun ginatanum 'imaw 'ang nagmantinir hasta magpandagku' na 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga'.The maize plant which was commonly planted by us is that which sustained [us] until all my children grew up.acfprefThe range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus.ginabuyung2See giN- 1b and 'i- for a description and examples of 'i- class affixes which inflect causative verbs.'Inang kamalunggay, ginabuyung mu ba 'ina'?As for that malunggay tree, is that used by you [as a herbal medicine] to cure [a sick person]?cfgiN- 'i-1'ika--in-1ma'i-

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