tubtubsubord conjAn event happens or a state exists until another event happens or another state exists.Nagkāmang na 'ina' niyan 'ang sawa ning kadahandāhan lang tubtub nga naka'abut sinda sa 'inda ginkadtu'an.Now the snakes crawled very slowly until they arrived at the place where they went.synhasta hasta cfhābanghābanghasta hasta hasta kung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung san'ukung san'umintras mintras mintras sa1 sa1 samantāla'samantāla'samantāla''ūras 'ūras subord conjtubtubannthe result of an action or situationNa'īsip nāmun mag'asawa kung 'anu 'ara' 'ang tubtuban 'ini niya nga pag'istādi.We married couple wondered what, perhaps, would be the result of this one's studying.

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