taposs adj pronour (incl.) person or thing; a person or thing of ours; our (incl.) doing somethingPost-noun or post-gerund possessive pronoun. For pre-noun or pre-gerund possessive pronoun, see 'ātun 1a.Pagkatāpus ta ning 'ihāpun hay kantahan mu kami kag sumā'ut ka.Upon our finishing our supper we should be sung to by you and you dance a modern dance.cf'ātun 'ātun 'ātun 'ātun nātun nātun nātun nātun gen pronSomething is done by us (incl.).Follows an undergoer focus verb.'U! Mahal kung Plurintīna, bīsan sāpat 'ang 'unga' nātun palangga'un ta gihāpun kay 'unga' nātun siya.Oh! My dear Florentina, even though our child is like an animal [he] should still be loved by us because he is our child.gen pronIn a dependent clause, ta precedes the verb.Disir ta manghuran, hay pa'abūtun ta 'ānay manga 'unum ka tū'ig.Before a younger sibling will be begotten by us, [our present child] should be allowed by us to reach six years of age.gen pronFollowing a negative, ta precedes the verb.Kung sa Duminggu mag'inūyan, 'indi' ta pagsigīhun 'ang paghākut ning batu kay madayūnut 'ang karsāda.If it continually rains on Sunday, the carrying of marble blocks will not be continued by us because the roads will be slippery.gen pronTa denotes "by me" when you singular or plural have something done to you by me.May kāya 'aku nga bakyan ta 'ikaw ning sapātus.I have the resources in which you (sg.) will be bought shoes by me.'Indi' ta kamu pag'abrīhanYou (pl.) will not have the door opened for [you] by me.gen pronThe form ku optionally replaces ta in this possition with no change in meaning.'Indi' ku kamu pag'abrīhan.You (pl.) will not have the door opened by me.

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