trabāhunwork; i.e., anything that requires the exertion of mental or physical energy'Ang gustu ni 'Uganda nga trabāhu hay 'ang pagnigusyu ning marmul.The work that Uganda likes is engaging in the business of'ubravSomeone works at a particular place.bāru' nga pangtrabāhu (bāru' 2d)work clothesnagtrabāhuTūna' nga 'aku nagtrabāhu diri daw katatlu pa lang 'aku kabakay ning tināpay.Since I worked here, it seems that I have bought bread only three times.nakakatrabāhuKadāmu' na da 'ang nakakatrabāhu; nalilimitahan na 'ang waya' trabāhu.Many already were consistently able to work; those without work were already truly limited.pagtrabāhugersomeone's workingDāpat nga masayūran ni Birting niyan kung pa'unu 'ang pagpangabudlay sa pagtrabāhu.It should be that Berting will be able to know now how to exert effort in'ubratrabahu'anna workplaceNagkadtu lang si 'Irmi kag nag'ihapun kag bumālik naman, pakadtu sa 'iya trabahu'an.Ermi just went and ate his supper and returned, going to his workplace.

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