dingdingnthe wall or walling of a building, a smoking rack tapāhanGinahadlūkan 'aku kay 'ang 'inda syap hay pūru 'ispīhu 'ang dingding.I am afraid because, as for their shop, the wall is all glass.Nahūyug na gali' 'ang 'āmun halūblaks nga dingding didtu sa may dāgat.Our hollow block walling toppled over there where there was sea water.vA space, as a building, a smoking rack is walled in by someone.dingdinganimper vWall in a space!Magsalirangdang 'ānay kag dingdingan kāda kīlid pāra 'ang 'asu hay pa'ibabaw 'ang salīda.First weave coconut-frond shingles and wall in both sides [of the smoking rack] so that the smoke will go up.nadingdinganKung nadingdingan na, pwīdi ka na makatūna' pagdābuk.When it (i.e., the smoking rack) is already walled in, you can now start to build a fire.

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