na-ineg abl locf affA person, place or thing was not able to be the location of an action performed by someone.Abilitative aspect includes the location of an action which did not happen to be done or was not accidentally, casually or carelessly done by someone.Waya' nasayūri nang 'ākun tatay nga nubyu ku na si Dyu.[It] was not able to be known by my father that Joe is already my boyfriend.'Anung klāsi nga manga 'unga'? Kay bīsan sūlat waya' 'aku madumdumi.What kind of children [are they]? Because even in a letter I have not been able to be remembered.Nagapasalāmat 'aku kay waya' da madipirinsyahi 'ang 'iya lāwas; waya' siya nag'abnurmal.I gave thanks because her body did not happen to be inflicted with a health problem; she did not become abnormal.cfka-an1ma-an ma-ipag-i neg abl locf affCV reduplication of the verb stem intensifies the validity of the verb.Waya' mu pa 'ina' nasasayūri 'ang manga batāsan nina Nīlu kay bag'u sinda diri sa 'ātun lugar.The attitude of Dino and others was not yet able to be known at all by you because they are new here in our place.cfma-ina-anpag-i

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