giN-anlocf affA person, place or thing was the location of an action performed by someone.The range of meaning of this locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Nalū'uy gid sa 'iya 'ang 'iya manīnuy, gāni' gintaw'an siya nga dā'an ning kwarta nga 'inugbākay.His godfather really pitied him, so he was given money freely for spending money.Natingāya siya sa 'iya ginasakayan nga barūtu kay waya' nagasalīda bīsan tudūhan niya ning bugsay.He was surprised regarding the boat on which he was riding because it was not moving even though he paddled very well.Ginbakyan sinda ning 'alambri pāra humanun nga tabūnan.They had chicken wire bought for [them] so that [it] would be used for making a deep sea fish trap.syn-in-an1 -in-an4cf- an - an gina-an gina-an gina-i -i -in-an4-in-an4-in-an4ka-an1ka-an1ma-an na-annasayangan1pag-an neg acf affSomeone or something was not an accessory to an action by someone else.The range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus.Waya' da gali' ni Pidru ginbakyan 'ang kwarta kay gin'ūtang.The money was not used by Pedro to buy because [he] lent [it].cfgiN- gina-an gina-an pag'i-pag'i-

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