ma-1agfprefSomeone or something will do something.Indicates a future action associated with a potential substantive with agent focus.Kung pwīdi hay mapānaw 'ānay 'aku sa malayu'.If it is possible, I will just go far away.Mapriparar sinda ning bāyun nga day'un sa langūyan.They will prepare a carried lunch which will be brought to the swimming place.cfka-1mag- mag- mag- mag- magka- magka- magka- maka-4nag- nag- nag- nag- naga- naga- naga- naga- naka-2 naka-2 -um- -um- -um- -um- gf ablprefSomeone or something is or will be able to be acted upon by someone else.This agent focus prefix inflects causative verbs.Pagkatāpus ning syam ka 'adlaw hay mapakā'un ka sa 'īmu manga kalāpit.After nine days [of prayers] you will let your neighbors eat [the food which you prepared].'Adtung 'ātun gingkasugtānan, kung 'adtu hay ma'aprubahan, diri na kita hay mapahuman ning 'isa nga pruyiktu nga tūbi'.That upon which an agreement was made by us, if [it] will be approved, this is the time that, as for us, [we] will let a water project be constructed.Dāpat hay hugāsan mu 'ang planggāna pāra mabu'uy 'adtu 'ang kabāhu'.It should be that you will wash the basin so that the bad smell will be able to be removed.Kung 'īmu sukātun 'ang sīhi', dāpat pakut 'ang 'īmu gamītun kay 'agud hay 'indi' mabu'ak 'ang 'iya ning balayan.cfgiN- giN-1agina- gina-a-in-1-in-1mag- na-nag- naga- -um- -un gf ablprefAbilitative aspect includes actions that happen to be done or are accidentally, casually or unintentionally done.If the mollusk meat is pried out by you, what should be used by you is a safety pin so that its shell will not be accidentally broken.cfgina- na-

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