lā'ubvSomething is slowly heated by someone over a low fire.ginalā'ubadjSomething is slowly heated over a fire.'Ang gamut hay ginala'ga' kag 'ang dāhun hay ginalā'ub pāra mag'init'init pagkatāpus 'ibanyus sa tiyan.The roots are boiled and as for the leaves [they] are slowly heated in order to become gradually warm; then [they] should be applied [by rubbing] onto the stomach.nilā'ubHābang si Buy hay nagasūka, ginabanyusan siya nang 'iya lūla ning nilā'ub nga dāhun nang katumbay sa 'iya tiyan pāra 'indi' siya sapdukun hāngin.While Boy was vomiting, he was having slowly heated chili pepper leaves applied by his grandmother onto his stomach so that he would not have air enter him.

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