humanvSomeone acts in a particular'ābugbisītabisītabisitāhunbugha'hīmu'himū'un1magbugha'maghīmu'3pagpamasyarpagtātappamasyar3pamasyar3pānawpasīyusābu'tātaptātapturagginahuman1'Ang ginahuman ninda sa lāwas nang traysikul hay 'inda ginapinturāhan.What is done by them to the bodies of motorized pedicabs is that [they] are painted by them.ginahuman2'Ang lāwas nang traysikul, hay ginahuman diri lang sa Rumblun.The bodies of motorized pedicabs are made in Romblon.ginahuman3'Ang 'isda' nga ginahuman nga būru hay 'ang tambangkyaw.Fish that is used for making cured sardines is black-tipped sardines.ginahuman4Ginahuman na lang ni Turing 'ang Malaysia, 'Indunisya kag 'ang Pilipīnas kay siya hay ku'urdinītur.Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines is being visited by Toring because he is the coordinator.cfbisītapamasyar3tātapginapahumanSomeone is chosen for a particular purpose.Ginagāmit da 'ini sa pagpadāga' sa bayay nga bag'u pa lang nga ginapahuman.This [white chicken] is also used in practicing a blood-letting ceremony for a house that is being allowed to be newly constructed.cfbugha'hīmu'ginhuman, hinuman'Ang tūbi' simbulu nga pirmi malamig, gāni' 'imaw 'ini 'ang 'inda ginghuman pāra kunu 'ang 'inda manga huna'hūna' hay pirmi da nga malamig.Water is a symbol of continuous coolness; that is the reason why this was done by them (i.e., the newlywed couple was given water to drink) so that their thinking would also always be cool (i.e., they would not quarrel).Kung hinuman ku 'ini hay pāra da sa 'īmu, 'agud 'indi' ka magkahuga' sa 'ulīhi nga tyimpu.If that was done by me (i.e., had you betrothed to a particular boy) it was for you so that you will not experience difficulty in the future.ginhumananGinhumanan kami dra' ning langkāpi.We were made a bamboo table there.ginpahumanvA particular place is allowed by someone to have something built on or over it by someone else.Ginpahuman ku 'adtu si 'Arnuld ning langkāpi didtu sa pūnu' nang kāhuy.Arnold was allowed by me to make a bamboo table there at the base of the tree.ginghuhumanGinghuhuman naman 'aku nga 'atlit; kay kung sabāgay da 'aku may gustu da nga mag'atlit gāni' naglakut 'aku.I was truly made an athlete; anyway I had also an interest to become an athlete so I joined.gingpahumananvSomething is allowed to be made or constructed by someone.Pag'abut ku diri sa Rumblun gingpahumanan ku ning bayaybāyay sa kampusantu sa 'ākun 'asāwa 'ang pantyun nang 'ākun nanay.Upon my arrival here in Romblon the tomb of my mother was caused by me to have a mausoleum built [over it] by my husband.huhumanunvSomething is used by someone for making or constructing something; someone is made a particular kind of person by someone else.'Ang subra nga kwarta binakay nāmun ning kawāyan nga gamītun sa huhumanun nga tabūnan.As for the extra money, it was used by us to buy bamboo which will be used in repeatedly making deep sea fish traps.humaniimper vSomeone must or should have something made for them.Maridyun, humani ning dūyan 'ang 'īmu 'unga' kag pakatuyūgun.Mary June, your child should have a hammock made for [her] and [she] should be allowed to sleep.humanun1'Indi' ku ma'intindihan kung 'anu 'ang 'ākun humanun kaysa kadāmu' nang gabakay.I do not know what will be done by me because so many are buying.humanun2Dāpat mabahuy 'ang 'īmu humanun nga baskit.The basket that will be made by you should be big.humanun3Ginbakyan sinda ning 'alambri pāra humanun nga tabūnan.They had chicken wire bought for [them] so that [it] will be used for making a deep sea fish trap.humanun4vA particular place is visited by someone.Pag'abut didtu nāmun, kalā'um ku, 'isuyud 'aku niya sa trabāhu; hay gali' humanun nga tindīru didtu sa 'inda tindāhan.Upon our going there, I thought that I would be taken into work by him; so [I] was chosen as storekeeper there at their store.humumanHumuman ka, Lusit, ning bayaybāyay nang manuk kag butangan mu ning pugayan pāra didtu mag'itlug 'ang manuk.Lucit, you should make a little chicken house and [inside] should be put a nest-basket by you so that chickens will lay eggs there.maghuman1vSomething is done to someone or something by someone else.Kung 'ang 'īmu 'unga' hay maghuman ning malā'in, sa 'īmu gid 'ina' nga nanay napapakadtu 'ang kahuy'ānan.If your child acts badly, the shame will surely be transferred to you the mother.maghuman2Tapus niyan nang kami hay nakasay na, 'ang plānu nāmun nga duha hay 'indi' 'ānay kami maghuman ning 'unga'.Now when we were already married the plan of the two [of us] was that we would not yet make a child.maghuman3infto make somethingSi Tiruy 'ang ma'āyu maghuman ning lāwas nang traysikul.Teroy is a good one to make bodies of motorized pedicabs.mahuhuman'Ang 'iya 'ini ning balayan, hay kadāmu' 'ini 'ang mahuhuman nang 'iya ning balayan.As for the shell of this one (i.e., of a fan scallop mollusk), these things are what are frequently able to be made from its shell.mahuman1vSomeone makes or constructs something.Kung mahuman kunu 'adtu ninda, ma'a'asāwa ninda 'ang manga prinsīsa.They say that if that will be able to be done by them, the princesses will really be able to become their spouses.cfhīmu'mahuman2Sa pagbunut naman nang niyug mahuman ka 'ānay ning buynasan.In husking coconuts first you will make a coconut-husking stick.mahuman3vSomeone has something made or constructed for them by someone else.'Ang 'iya 'ini balayan hay ginahuman nga butāngan ning būyak; puydi da 'ini mahuman nga kulintas.As for the empty shells of these (i.e., of money cowry mollusks) [they] are used for making flower vases; it is possible that these will also be able to be used for making necklaces.makahumanPāra makahuman nang 'isa ka libra nga dugus, 'ang 'isa nga putyūkan kahinangyānun gid nga magbalikbālik sa būyak ning kinsi mil kabālik.So that it will be able to make one pound of honey, one honeybee must go back to the flowers fifteen thousand times.mapahumanvSomeone is allowed by someone else to make or construct something.'Adtung 'ātun gingkasugtānan, kung 'adtu hay ma'aprubahan, diri na kita hay mapahuman ning 'isa nga pruyiktu nga tūbi'.That upon which an agreement was made by us, if [it] will be approved, this is the time that we would allow a water project to be constructed.nagahumanKung 'ikaw nagahuman ning halublaks hay 'inang waya' naga'uyan.If you make hollow blocks it should be a time when it is not raining.nagapahumanNagakapatas si Yūli sa nagapahuman ning tūbi'.Yolie works as foreman in having the water [system] fixed.naghuman'Indi' ku da kilāya kung sin'u 'ang naghuman ning tiyad 'adtu.I do not know who acted like that.nahuhumanKadāmu' pa gid 'ang nahuhuman sa batu nga marmul; yāra' 'ang ginabutangan nang 'upus nang sigarilyu, ginabutangan ning būyak, ginagāmit sa paglaminit.There are certainly still things truly able to be made from marble stone; some are cigarette butt containers (i.e., ash trays), flower vases, [and some] are used for laminating.nahuman1Kung nahuman niya sa 'asāwa nga 'iya lukūhun, ma'abut man 'ang 'ūras nga huhumanun da 'itun niya sa 'ākun kung 'ākun siya 'asawāhun.If that was able to be done by him to [his] wife to whom he acted dishonestly, the time will come when this will be repeatedly done by him to me if he will be taken by me as a spouse.nahuman2Nahuman naman 'ina' 'ang 'ikaduha nang mil nuwībi syintus 'utsinta 'idus.That second one was able to be made in nineteen hundred and eighty two.paghuman1gersomeone's making or constructing somethingMay nagadipāra paghuman ning kabā'ung.Someone is discharging his responsibility making a coffin.2vSomething is made or constructed by someone; a baby is begotten by a couple.pahumancaus vSomeone has something made, constructed or fixed by someone else.pahumānan tināpay1a bakery

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