bug'atnthe weight of somethingYāra' lang 'ang bug'at hay naga'ābut sa dus kīlus kung dumayāga 'u suyug nga manuk.The weight just reaches two kilograms if the chicken is a young pre-laying hen or a cockerel.nkabug'atvarmabug'at1adjSomething is heavy.Kabug'at na gali' si Birting; 'indi' ku na madāya.Berting is already heavy; [he] can no longer be lifted by me.Mahuga' ka'āyu 'ang nagahurnal, mabug'at 'ang 'īmu ginapas'an.Working in manual labor is really difficult; what was being carried by you on [your] shoulder was heavy.mabug'at2advSomeone or something does something hard.Nagatrabāhu 'ang 'uning ning mabug'at pīru 'indi' magpāti 'ang 'āyam.The cat worked hard but the dog did not believe it.

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