'impurtantiadjSomeone, something, an action, a situation is important to someone else.Kung 'aku ginatudlu'an kunta' ninda nga 'indi' na 'aku mag'asāwa masunud da 'aku sa 'inda kung 'impurtanti 'aku pāra sa 'inda nga 'unga' ku.Probably if I had just been advised by them that I should no longer get married [again] I would have obeyed them if I was important to them, my children.pinaka'impurtantisup adjSomeone, something, an action, a situation is most important to someone else.Sa tanan nga bāgay 'imaw 'ini 'ang pinaka'impurtanti nga taw'an ta ning 'atinsyun: 'ang pagpanglimpyu sa suyud nang bayay.Of all things, this is most important for us to pay attention to: the cleaning [of things] inside the house.

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