kuyhadvSomeone removes a leaf mid-rib from a palm leaf.nagkuyhad removed a leaf mid-ribkinuyhadna leaf half with the leaf mid-rib removedPagkatāpus mu ning kuyhad, 'īmu 'ini bugkusun 'ang 'īmu kinuyhad nga buli.Upon your removal of leaf mid-ribs, your buri leaf halves will be tied by you into a bundle.pagkuyhadgersomeone's removing a leaf mid-rib from a palm leaf'Ang 'īmu naman ginagāmit sa pagkuyhad hay sipuy pwīdi da ning kutsilyu, 'ang 'iba gāni' hay sanggut 'ang ginagāmit.What is used by you in removing leaf mid-ribs [from the buri leaves] is a jackknife or stainless kitchen knife; as for others a coconut wine collection scythe is used.

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