'ihāpun2na supper mealWaya' pa gāni' kita makakā'un ning 'ihāpun; bāsi' natūyug ka na?We (incl.) had not yet eaten supper; why did you already sleep?cf'igma' 'igma' 'igma' pamāhaw2 pamāhaw2 pamāhaw2 nsupper time'Ini 'ang 'itlug nang nītib nga manuk hay nila'ga' nga matugas kundi' man hay ginaturtilya kag 'ini hay 'imaw na 'ang suya' sa pamāhaw 'u 'ābir sa 'igma' 'u sa 'ihāpun basta waya' ning suya'.These eggs of native chickens are hard boiled or are scrambled and these are already a side dish at breakfast time or even at lunchtime or at supper time if there is no side dish.cf'igma' pamāhaw2 nihapunvSomeone eats supper.nag'ihapunNag'ihapun kami kag kumatūyug na.We ate supper and then slept.cf'igma' pamāhaw2 pa'ihāpunna prepared supperNang kasayun naman, may papamāhaw 'adtu, pa'igma' kag pa'ihāpun.During the wedding celebration, there was a prepared breakfast, prepared lunch and prepared supper [for all who attended].A prepared meal is one specifically prepared for a special occasion.cfpa'igma' pa'igma' papamāhaw1 papamāhaw2

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