puyaadjSomething is a red color.May kulur puya, 'igway kulur birdi, hay kung siru'un mu sa kalayu', 'aba, hay ka'āyu da, kay sari'sāri' kulur!There were [lights] that were a red color, there were those that were a green color, and if you look at [them] from a distance, wow, how nice, because [they were] multi-colored!kapuyavarmapuyaadjSomething is reddish in color.Kilāya mu kung matambuk 'ang kuyāput kay 'ang 'unud hay mapuya.You will know when the Conrad's false shell mollusk is fat because its meat is reddish.mapuyapuyaadjSomething is light red in color.'Ang buyatuk nga lawudnun hay mapuyapuya 'ang 'iya kulur nga may bātuk nga mabirdibirdi.As for the deep sea strawberry-red mollusk, its color is light red with light green marks.

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