'āsavSomething is hoped for by someone.gina'asāhiWaya' ku gina'asāhi na yāra' sa pantalan si Lūlu.That Grandfather would be there at the pier was no longer hoped for by me (i.e., I had given up hope).na'a'asāhanTūna' nang 'aku naghalin, waya' na siyay na'a'asāhan.Since the time I left, she no longer had [anyone] who could really be trusted.pag'āsa1nSomeone has hope.'U Pidirīku, tilaw na nang gātas ku kay 'imaw na lang 'ini 'ang pag'āsa mu!Come on Federico, just taste my milk because that is your only hope [to live]!2vSomeone or something is trusted by someone.

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