ninapl poss pers n detof a named person and others; of a named familyMarks a following possessive personal noun as one of two or more.Waya' mu pa 'ina' nasasayūri 'ang manga batāsan nina Nīlu kay bag'u sinda diri sa 'ātun lugar.The attitude of Dino and others was not yet able to be known at all by you because they are new here in our place.cfni ni gen pers n detby a named person and others; by a named familyNina marks a possessive coordinate phrase of two or more named people.Si Santus hay gapinamāti' nang diskusyun nina Mama kag ni Papa.Santos keeps on listening to the discussion of Mother and Father.Ma'āyu da 'ang pangabūhi' nina Sanīta.The way of life of the Sanita family is good.cfni In some contexts this possessive determiner designates a family.; For the singular possessive personal noun determiner, see ni 1.gen pers n detMarks a following genitive personal noun as one of two or more.Sayud nina Pidru na 'inang barūtu hay bukun 'ākun.[It] is known by Pedro and others that the boat is not mine.gen pers n detNina marks a genitive coordinate noun phrase. The determiner is not glossed in English.Waya' na gid nina Mama kag ni Papa masayūri kung sa di'in nga lugar nagkadtu si Nilda.Mother and Father do not know the place where Nelda went.Ginabutangan nina Santus ning tanda' 'ang būhu' nang patay.The grave is that on which a temporary grave marker is being placed by the Santos family.cfni In some contexts this genitive determiner designates a family.

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