'ika-abl acfSomeone or something is or will be able to be an accessory to an action by someone else.Naga'īsip gid 'aku nga 'ang makatāpus hayskul hay ma'āyu pīru nagahambay sinda nga waya' ngāni' kunu sinda kwarta nga 'ikagastus sa 'ākun.I really thought that being able to finish high school would be good but they said that they did not have money that would be able to be spent for me.Waya' da kami ning kāya nga 'ikakabakay ning labakāra; 'ang 'āmun ginagāmit hay 'ang limpyu nga bāru'.We do not have the wherewithal which would be able to be used to frequently buy face towels; the things we use are clean clothes.synma'i-paN-10cfgiN- gina- ginabuyung2'i-1-in-1ma'i-na'i-

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