kilisgersomeone's washing of rice in preparation for cookingPagkatāpus kilis, 'ibutang 'ang gata' nga pangduha kag pangtatlu nga pūga'.After the washing [of the sticky rice], put coconut milk [into it] which is the second and third squeezing.cflabapanghūgasvSomeone washes rice in preparation for cooking.gingkilisanDuha ka bīsis ku gingkilisan 'ang bugas bāgu ginglūtu'.The rice was washed two times by me before [it] was cooked.cfhugaskinilisnrice wash waterRice wash water is either cast out or fed to pigs.nagkilisvRice is washed by someone.Si Nancy 'ang nagkilis nang bugas.It was Nancy who washed the rice.

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