timprānuadj/ advThe time for something to happen is early.Nang nagtūna' ning bayli, hay timprānu pa; 'alas syīti hay sīgi na 'ang pabayli.When [they] started dancing, it was still early; at seven o'clock [in the evening] the dance was in progress.makatimprānuHay nang pag'abut ku hambay ku sa 'iya, "Mus na, malarga na kita pāra makatimprānu."Upon my arrival I told him, "Come on now, let's go now so we will be able to be early."mas timprānu21int advThe time for something to happen is very early.Mas timprānu pa, buy'un na 'ang manga nu'ug sa 'aparadur kay 'ātun 'ihālin.[While it] is still very early, get the clothes from the clothes closet now because [they] will be moved by us [to another place].2vSomeone is early doing something.

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